I’m looking for a Church

“I’m looking for a church, ‘in my own image.’ I want a church where everyone else is just like me. Interested in the same things, share the same experience and be at the same stage of life.”

Well in that case Mack is not for you. Mack is a church where diversity of age, background and experience mix to make a family that welcomes people regardless of demographics. We have students and families, old faithfuls and young Christians. We have babies and teenagers, mission workers who take the good news around the world and those who run a home group round the corner. We believe the body of Christ is a complex interaction between different functions and gifts and it’s the job of the local church to model that body.

“I’m looking for a church where I can hide in the crowd, make up the numbers and generally keep off the radar.”

Well in that case Mack is probably not for you. We are church of opportunities. If you want to help run a bible study, work with children and young people or lead the people of God in public prayer then Mack might be a better choice. We have craft days where your creative gifts can shine, we have a holiday club for the children where your help would be welcomed.  And if you just want to grow as a Christian, find your gift and develop it, we have opportunities across a wide range of ministries that well help you grow strong in your faith. We believe in the priest hood of all believers, we really do.

“I want a church where I don’t have to engage with what’s going on outside the door, I want my faith to be contained within a nice building, neat and tidy and beautiful too, but keep me away from the messy world around.”

Sorry, Mack is a church embedded in the community. We have to be, our doors have opened to the streets of Roath for over a hundred years. We work to provide activities and meetings that welcome  and serve local people.

“I’m looking for a church that is committed to worship, to discipleship and to outreach.”

Come on in.